Test your Poster

Check how your layout will look like in a real environment on the construction. Select the type of construction, distance, the daylight or dark time of the day and the view intensity.

Image format = JPEG
Image weight < 1 Mb



How to use the layout testing tool:

Create a layout. 
Save the created layout in JPG format. The layout must not exceed 1 MB. 

Upload the layout.
To upload the layout, select the function “Upload”, select the layout and press “Add”. The layout will upload to the outdoor advertising designs that can be viewed below. You can upload several layouts at a time. 

Select the layout that you wish to verify. Select one of the uploaded layouts that you wish to test and follow the link Check the layout in a real environment. 

  • Select the advertising layout. 
  • Select the type of construction;
  • Select the daylight or dark time of the day;
  • Select the distance;
  • Select the view intensity: 0.1 sec.; 1 sec.  

Key questions that need to be answered when testing the layout: 
  1. Is it clear what is being advertised
  2. (from a distance of 25 m)?
  3. Can the advertised product be easily perceived
  4. (from a distance of 25 m)?
  5. Can the brand be seen (from a distance of 25m)?
  6. Is the text legible (from a distance of 25m)? 

If you can answer all these questions in the affirmative,
CONGRATULATIONS! Your layout meets the requirements for outdoor advertising.